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iSilo™ 6.20 for Windows® CE Handheld PC
You can download iSilo™ by clicking on the link near the bottom of this page. Before downloading, please note the system requirements. To see what has changed in this version, please see the revision history.

system requirements
The basic requirements specify the absolute minimum configuration needed to install and use the software. Additional functionality may demand further requirements as indicated.

basic requirements additional functionality specific requirements download instructions
The download is available either as a single Windows® setup program file for all supported Handheld PC processor types or as individual much smaller ZIP files each containing the installation CAB file for one processor type. In all cases, the setup installs the following files to your Handheld PC:
Windows® setup program
The download is a single file that is the setup program for iSilo™. It contains installations for all three processor types. Download it to your Windows desktop PC and then run it to install iSilo™ to your handheld. If you would prefer a much smaller download, you can download the CAB file specific to your processor instead (see individually zipped CAB files below). Click to download iSilo620HPCSetup.exe (1632K)

individually zipped CAB files
Instead of downloading the much larger all in one Windows® setup program above, you can download the much smaller zipped setup CAB file specific to the processor type of your device. To do so, download the appropriate file below to your desktop computer. Then unzip the file and copy the unzipped CAB file to your Pocket PC. From your Pocket PC, tap on the CAB file from within File Explorer to start the installation.

If you do not already have an unzip application, try either StuffIt Expander or WinZip.

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